Best Cycling Helmet for Oval Shaped Head

Best Cycling Helmet for Oval Shaped Head

Are you looking for a great cycling helmet but have trouble finding one that fits? Well, don’t worry! I’m going to point you in the right direction here. You may not be aware that there are different types of helmets, and the most popular is that they fit an oval-shaped head. Your head does not have to be perfectly round for this helmet to fit, but you should know that because of the risk of a big bump on your head when you crash. So, if you’re looking for one from a reputable brand and want your helmet to protect as much as possible, this will probably work best for you.

I’m here to show you the top 5 best cycling helmet for oval shaped heads. The helmet should fit the circumference of your head and the length of your neck. They are great for going on a long ride and need a comfortable helmet that will protect you from falls and shocks on your forehead, temples, and cheekbones. You also want to purchase a cycling helmet with ventilation to be comfortable in hot temperatures between seasons.

What Do You Want to Accomplish with Your Helmet?

Helmets are the most integral part of riding safety. Whether riding on highways, through cities or taking dirt tracks, you must ensure your helmet fits properly and safely. You can do what you want with your helmet, but that decision has consequences. I recommend wearing it the whole time. Helmets are designed to reduce the risk of injury from head impacts. The most important thing to consider when choosing a helmet is whether it fits appropriately. Your helmet should fit snugly so that when you put it on, it moves around on your head only as much as necessary to make a comfortable fit (usually less than an inch). It should also feel secure so that when you shake your head quickly back and forth, the helmet does not move more than an inch in any direction.  

If you are riding a bicycle, the same rules apply. To find the fitting helmet, you first need to ask yourself what you intend to use it for. A full-face helmet is suitable for riding on pavement and a motorcycle with no off-road riding. If you have a long commute to work or school on your bicycle and plan to explore city streets during the weekend and occasionally ride off-road, then a full-face helmet is unnecessary.

Types of cycling helmets

There are three main categories of cycling helmets: Full face, Half face, and Oval shape. Each one has its unique benefits and drawbacks. When picking out a helmet, you must find the one that suits your needs in the best way possible.

1. Full Face Helmets: 

Full Face cycle Helmet

Full Face helmets cover the largest area of your head and neck compared to half or oval-shaped helmets. The benefits are that they are more durable, protective from impact injuries, and offer better ventilation for those who ride for extended periods or experience a lot of heat on their rides. The drawbacks are they are not as comfortable because of the bulkiness of the helmet and they do not let the rider breathe as easily. It also gets cold on your neck during winters. The most common full-face helmet is the downhill mountain bike helmet which usually has a visor for protection from the sun.

2. Half Face Helmets: 

Half Face cycle Helmet

Half-face helmets cover about Half of your head and provide a similar fit to an oval or round-shaped helmet. These helmets are very versatile in fitting, as most manufacturers offer an extensive range of sizes and adjustments to fit every head shape and size. They also allow riders to breathe easily while riding without having unneeded vents in their ears. The drawbacks are they are not as safe or protective as a full-face helmet, and if they do not fit properly, it will be very uncomfortable. They also do not protect your face from the wind and will start to hurt your ears after long periods. The most common half-face helmet is the hybrid bike helmet which usually has a visor for protection from the sun.

3. The Oval Helmets: 

Oval cycle Helmet

Oval Helmets cover about 2/3 of your head and offer a similar fit to an oval or round-shaped helmet but with more coverage than its counterparts. These helmets are trendy because they offer a great fit and good protection. The drawbacks are they are not as comfortable as Full or Half face helmets, they will leave you feeling like you’re wearing an oven on your head, and the ventilation is not always up to par.

Top 5 Best Cycling Helmet for Oval Shaped Heads

If you are looking for the best cycling helmet to wear while riding in a group or on an emotional ride, then the best purchase is an oval-shaped helmet. If you have an oval-shaped head, your options for which kind of helmet will work best are endless. There are many different types of helmets from safety standards and price ranges. To help choose the top five helmets for oval-shaped heads, here is what you need to know about cycling helmets, their features and how this will help determine your decision on which one is right for you.

1. Sena Smart Cycling Helmet

Some cyclists spend more time in the saddle than others, meaning longer mileage and more wear and tear on their bodies. The Sena Smart Cycling Helmet provides head protection while keeping you safe and connected. It is super lightweight, with a polycarbonate shell, which is rotproof and shatterproof. The Sena Smart Cycling Helmet is simple to use and keeps your head safe from impacts, with a comfortable fit and a universal base.

  • The integrated Bluetooth speaker helps you stay safe on the road, even in areas with no bike lanes or paths.
  • It is designed to reduce the transfer of shock and provide extreme durability.
  • The Sena Smart Cycling Helmet offers excellent ventilation and is designed with comfort.
  • It is equipped with an adjustable fit system, which allows you to dial in a custom fit.
  • The Vibrant Flow Ventilation System helps keep you cool without fogging up.

The Sena Smart Cycling Helmet is an exceptional product that provides a perfect balance of weight and comfort and is well manufactured and very functional. It has an excellent and sleek design that is suitable for both men and women, along with being a more practical option for bikes with one gear. Not many helmets are as comfortable, practical or technologically advanced as this product. The Sena Smart Cycling Helmet is a top choice for those cyclists who want to stay connected and keep their brains intact. It has excellent sound quality, provides significant safety features and is very comfortable to wear.

It is an effective helmet that meets all safety standards and is designed to give you more protection in an accident. The Sena Smart Cycling Helmet provides excellent sound quality and can easily connect with your smartphone and other smart devices. It provides a secure fit and has a clean design. It doesn’t have a lot of vents like other helmets, but that doesn’t bother users very much. The Sena Smart Cycling Helmet is a great choice for cyclists who want to stay connected while staying safe. It is made with high-quality material, provides effective safety features and offers outstanding sound quality.

Why do I like Sena Smart Cycling Helmet?

I’m a bit of a gadget geek and love trying new products. It’s comfortable, lightweight, has excellent sound quality, and is incredibly easy to use. It also has an attractive design that people are sure to ask you about.

Why do I dislike Sena Smart Cycling Helmet?

It’s expensive, but you can’t argue with the quality. The only other thing to watch out for is that it’s not compatible with every device.

2. Retrospec Dakota Bicycle Helmet for Adults 

A Retrospec Dakota bike helmet is your best bet to keep your head safe while biking, skateboarding, or even just for a leisurely stroll. No bike helmet on the market can match the Retrospec Dakota’s quality. This helmet offers you a combination of shock absorption, highly-protective foam, and premium ventilation that ensures your safety.

  • It is an excellent choice for many people because it is lightweight, breathable, and stylish.
  • The Retrospec Dakota bike helmet is designed to fit the head’s top, sides and back, making it a very comfortable helmet. 
  • It has an in-mold construction making it lightweight yet very strong and shock absorbent.
  • The Retrospec Dakota bike helmet is designed to fit the head’s top, sides and back, making it a very comfortable helmet.

It has a built-in visor and a dial fit design to ensure your custom comfort.This bike helmet also has 22 air vents designed for maximum airflow so you can ride without feeling uncomfortable or hot for hours. Its visor is detachable and replaceable in case you want to change the look of your helmet. Its solid ABS shell guarantees that its shock-absorbing EPS foam liner will protect your head from unexpected bumps or falls even at high speeds. The Retrospec Dakota’s shell is also scratch resistant, making it very easy to clean if needed.

This helmet is constructed with a polystyrene shell and an EPS foam liner that protects the head from the impact of an accident. It is also fitted with a comprehensive, padded strap that distributes pressure evenly for a comfortable and secure fit. The helmet has a chin strap closed with an extremely tight-fitting ratcheting buckle and a universal fit system. It feels excellent including 30% carbon fiber which provides a solid yet lightweight shell. The Retrospec Dakota helmet also includes a reflective strip on the end of the black back plate for safety when riding in low-light situations.

Why do I Like Retrospec Dakota Bicycle Helmet for Adults?

This Retrospec Dakota bike helmet is a perfect fit for my head because it is lightweight, breathable, and stylish. It has a chin strap and is closed with a highly tight-fitting ratcheting buckle and a universal fit system that makes it even more secure while I’m biking or skating with friends. My friends would have a good time with it because they can also choose different colors while their helmets are still just as safe.

Why do I dislike Retrospec Dakota Bicycle Helmet for Adults?

The only downside of this helmet is that it does not wrap around the back of my head snugly enough. The strap sometimes slips down and causes the helmet to be loose when I’m biking or skating.

3. Giro Register MIPS Adult Recreational Cycling Helmet 

Are you looking for the latest in safety technology? You may want to consider a Giro Register MIPS Adult Recreational Cycling Helmet. Giro has designed this helmet with the consumer in mind, providing a great mix of safety and affordability, making it an optimal choice for all cyclists.

  • MIPS technology is a lightweight, modular system that provides increased protection during a crash.
  • It Provides full UVA and UVB protection, in addition to reducing harmful UV rays by 50 percent compared to ordinary glasses.
  • With integrated vents and a comfortable two-tone design, the helmet is designed to be aerodynamic and comfortable for long rides.
  • The sizing system ensures that riders have access to a great-fitting helmet for any body size or shape by following the same rules for all helmets in their line-up.
  • With a lightweight polycarbonate shell and adjustable strap, the helmet is designed to be safe, comfortable and affordable.

It’s easy to see the advantages of this helmet. Its lightweight, comfortable, and offers great protection. With MIPS technology in the helmet, you can experience more excellent protection than a standard full-face helmet. The adjustable sizing system makes sure that you get a great fit on your head every time, ensuring that you have total comfort every time you ride your bike. The MIPS system is a modular system that fits inside the helmet, allowing it to be easily customized to fit the contour of your head.

A significant benefit of this helmet is that it’s designed to be highly customizable. The MIPS system can be customized to fit your head perfectly, offering optimal protection and great ventilation levels during the hottest rides. You’ll always be able to ride your bike with comfort, regardless of whether or not you’re attempting a long cycle or a short ride. The helmet is designed to work perfectly with the rest of their line-up, providing more excellent protection than ever before.

Why do I Like Giro Register MIPS Adult Recreational Cycling Helmet?

This helmet is comfortable and lightweight, providing an excellent fit quality and incredible protection levels. The customization feature allows you to get a perfect fit every time, ensuring that you have complete comfort while riding your bike. I love that this helmet can be used by people of all ages, making it perfect for adults who want to enjoy cycling.

Why do I dislike Giro Register MIPS Adult Recreational Cycling Helmet?

I don’t have any dislikes about this helmet. It provides great protection, fitting perfectly to the contours of your head and offering optimal levels of ventilation. I feel that some of the straps could be longer to accommodate riders with longer heads or riders whose heads are a bit larger.

4. Giro Vasona MIPS Women’s Recreational Cycling Helmet 

The Giro Vasona MIPS Women’s Recreational Cycling Helmet is a safe and comfortable fall-flat helmet. It has been designed with female riders, providing an aerodynamic design that reduces drag and a cheek pad that ensures maximum comfort. This helmet also comes with MIPS, which provides the best protection possible for your head during falls on hard surfaces. This helmet offers you premium quality without the need for any extra expense to you or your wallet. You can purchase from Amazon today.

  • The helmet features an adjustable rear strap to ensure that the helmet fits snug and secure over your head.
  • It features an In-Mold Construction which ensures a durable and puncture-resistant shell to protect you from accidents.
  • The helmet has a slim, light, quiet design and fits snugly over your head.
  • It offers great airflow, ensuring your head stays cool and dry while riding.
  • The helmet comes with an integrated MIPS liner, which helps prevent the rotational motion of your head in case a fall occurs.
  • It offers great ventilation to ensure your head stays comfortable and dry while riding.
  • The helmet has 22 vents that help keep air flowing through the helmet and help you stay cooler while riding.

This helmet is made out of In-Mold construction, which means that they use a mold to create the shell of this cycling helmet instead of a rigid plastic shell. This method can make an extremely lightweight, durable and safe helmet. It provides you with the best protection possible during any fall or accident. The fabric within the helmet includes a moisture-wicking and anti-microbial liner, which helps to keep you comfortable while also keeping the liner from smelling bad from sweat and using it regularly. 

If you want to cycle in style, this helmet is for you. It’s light lime green with black accessories, so it will stand out from other helmets if you like to cycle in style. This cycling helmet is one of the most comfortable on the market today, and it is easy to see why. It is easy to adjust and remove with a front strap and a quick-release buckle while also being comfortable enough that you can sleep with it on if necessary. This helmet is suitable for casual commuters or recreational riders who want good protection without spending too much money. 

Why do I Like Giro Vasona MIPS Women’s Recreational Cycling Helmet?

It is constructed with a hydrometer system that helps to keep the inside of the helmet dry and comfortable. The cheek pads can be adjusted easily, so it is easy for anybody to wear this helmet. This helmet is extremely comfortable with its removable and washable padding, making it the perfect helmet for anybody who wants something lightweight and secure.

Why do I dislike Giro Vasona MIPS Women’s Recreational Cycling Helmet?

This helmet is not quite as durable as others, but it is still pretty durable, especially for the price. It may not be as comfortable as some other helmets on the market today, but this is still a very comfortable helmet that can be worn for prolonged periods.

5. Nutcase Street Mips Helmet 

The Nutcase Street Mips Helmet is a hard-core lid from a company that knows how to make helmets. It is an innovative, one-piece helmet constructed from high-quality, lightweight foam, making it much more comfortable than your average headgear. This helmet is incredibly comfortable, and its unique style distinguishes it from other similar helmets.

  • The helmet is made from lightweight foam, which makes it much more comfortable and easier to wear than your average helmet.
  • It has a unique one-piece design, which makes it impossible to fall apart.
  • This helmet is ASTM certified and meets all of the safety standards you would expect from a product of this quality.
  • It is ASTM certified and meets all the safety standards you expect from an American-made helmet.
  • The maximum weight limit for this helmet is 195 pounds so it will fit most kids 13 years or older comfortably.

It is a super comfortable, light helmet that is safe and won’t leave your kid needing glasses after the first time they wear it. This helmet offers a unique style, is easy to get on and off, and the foam makes it very breathable. It is also certified by the American Society for Testing and Materials, which means it has passed all of the tests necessary to put on a helmet.

This helmet has a medium-sized headband, but it isn’t necessarily bad if your kid has an average-sized head because it will fit just fine when on their head. If your kid is above average in size, you might want to consider another option. Also, the straps are adjustable and can be moved up to fit the head better. There is not a lot of padding on this helmet, which can be both good and bad. On the one hand, your kid may find this helmet very comfortable because there is not much pressing into their head.

Why do I Like Nutcase Street MIPS Helmet?

It’s very light on the head, making it much more comfortable than your average helmet. The design is unique and funky, which might be just what your kid is looking for. It has a quick-release fitting mechanism, meaning getting the helmet on and off is much easier than with other similar helmets.

Why do I dislike Nutcase Street MIPS Helmet?

There is not a lot of padding on the inside, which can be uncomfortable for those kids with sensitive heads. Also, the straps over the ears will leave marks after prolonged use. The helmet is not adjustable enough to fit a broader range of head sizes.

Buying Tips Cycling Helmet for Oval-Shaped Heads

If you’re buying a cycling helmet for your kid, consider a bike or road racing helmet. Cycling helmets with visors offer better protection against the sun and wind. Helmets with a visor should also have an easily adjustable and removable sun shade that can be placed over the front of the helmet visor to protect your eyes. Helmets with a chin strap are safer than those without one.

When you’re shopping for a cycling helmet, consider how your child’s head shapes. Most helmets come as two-piece units, which means they will be made from a hard outer shell and an inner foam liner. Here are some guidelines for choosing a helmet.

1. Measure for size

To make sure that you get fitted for the correct size, measure your head from above your eyebrows and around your crown. This measurement should match the helmet size so that it fits correctly. A helmet that is too big is just as uncomfortable as one that’s too small. Try on a few helmets at the store and get measured by a professional to ensure you get the right size.

Don’t rely too much on the size number on the helmet. Sticking with a sporty road helmet with little padding and good ventilation, it can fit any head shape. A women’s helmet with the same measurement as a men’s one should fit well. Try a road helmet if you have a sporty style and have trouble finding a cycling helmet.

2. Look for a helmet made of carbon fiber

Carbon fiber helmets are lighter and stronger than other types of helmets. For example, the Giro Air Attack is a cycling helmet designed to be the fastest on the market. It’s made of carbon fiber, the same material used to build race cars and fighter jets. The lightweight design offers protection while not weighing down your head so much that you can’t ride well. The aerodynamic design also makes it easier to ride fast on a bike. It is important if you plan on racing or other extreme activities like mountain biking or going down ski slopes at high speeds. More advanced helmets are made of polycarbonate, which is claimed to be the next generation of helmet material. It doesn’t absorb the same impact but has fewer safety concerns.

3. Check for air vents

Fans are important to keep your head cool as a helmet doesn’t protect you from the sun and heat. A good quality cycling helmet should have a better ventilation system than others. Look for a helmet that has large, smooth holes in the front. It is easier to breathe through and therefore creates less pressure on your face which should mean better protection from the sun. Some cycling helmets come with removable ear plugs if you prefer to ride without hearing everything around you, especially when riding through windy areas or going uphill.

4. Get a decent visor

If you like to ride in the sun, get a visor that offers UV protection, especially if you live in a place where the sun is intense and hot. The visor should be adjustable or removable to make it fit with your helmet. Some helmets have pin-lock inserts to keep the rain and dust out, which could cause fogging. A small degree of fogging can be beneficial if it helps protect your eyes and keeps them from being damaged by the sun or small dust particles.

5. Fit the inside of the helmet

While getting a helmet that doesn’t fit you well is not a bad idea, you shouldn’t skimp on a cycling helmet if it keeps your head safe. Fit and adjust the helmet so that it fits snugly around your head and ears and doesn’t slip. Any little movement in the helmet could cause it to move on your head as you ride and would be dangerous. You should also make sure that the inside of your helmet is free from cracks and holes or else water will get through and affect the performance of your helmet.

6. Wear the helmet correctly

Before you go riding, wear your helmet correctly. It should be level and cover the entire head. Make sure the straps are secured under your chin, so they don’t slip off while you are riding. The straps should be snug with no gaps between them and your chin or head. If you get into an accident and the straps aren’t tight enough, the helmet won’t protect you and may even harm your head more.

You should wear the helmet the same way every time you ride. Remember that it will take a few rides to get used to your new helmet, so don’t give up after a few days of riding uncomfortably. A good cyclist will adjust their helmet to ensure it feels just right, which can affect performance during a race or ride.

Wrap Up

There are various factors the user will have to consider when buying a bike helmet. Among those are the helmet’s design, ventilation system, and whether it can be adjusted to accommodate a horseshoe-shaped head. These things must all be weighed up carefully before purchasing. Other factors such as the helmet’s weight and price will also influence which bike helmet you buy for yourself.

When buying a helmet, try it on and make sure it fits you. You want to see if the helmet is tight or loose on your head. You should feel pressure on your forehead and above the eyebrows of your face. You also want to see if the helmet sits nicely on your head and does not slide off because it will cause a bump or indentation in your forehead. If there is extra space in the helmet, you can feel air blowing from your forehead when riding. Look for a lightweight cycling helmet that won’t cause any discomfort. You don’t want an uncomfortable helmet on long rides, causing pain and headaches. 

I hope it was helpful and informative for you and that you now know which bicycle helmet to choose. If not, please feel free to leave a comment below and someone will get back to you soon with more information on what would work best for your head shape.

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