RadRover 6 Plus Hidden Menu Explained

RadRover 6 Plus Hidden Menu

The Radrover 6 Plus features a hidden menu that provides access to additional settings and features. We will explore the Radrover 6 Plus Hidden Menu, its benefits, and how to access it.

Are you a proud owner of the Radrover 6 Plus electric bike? If you like e-bikes, you might want to know about a secret menu in the popular Radrover 6 Plus model. This hidden menu has extra options to make your biking even better. 

We’ll talk about how to find the menu and why it’s useful. Whether you’re a big fan of e-bikes or just starting, this secret menu is something cool to check out.

What Is The RadRover 6 Plus Hidden Menu?

Unlock hidden features and settings with the Radrover 6 Plus Hidden Menu. Access additional functionalities and customize your experience with this intuitive menu option. Explore more possibilities with the Radrover 6 Plus Hidden Menu.

Overview Of The RadRover 6 Plus Hidden Menu And Its Purpose 

The Radrover 6 Plus hidden menu is a secret feature within the Radrover 6 Plus electric bike that offers additional options and customization for users. This hidden menu, once accessed, allows riders to tweak various settings and unlock new functionalities, enhancing their experience with the Radrover 6 Plus. 

By providing easy access to advanced features, the hidden menu opens up a world of possibilities for riders to personalize and optimize their electric bike to suit their preferences. Let’s delve deeper into what the Radrover 6 Plus hidden menu entails.

How Accessing The Hidden Menu Enhances The RadRover 6 Plus Experience?

  • Customization options: The hidden menu provides users with the ability to customize various settings on their Radrover 6 Plus. This includes adjusting parameters like pedal assist levels, top speed, throttle sensitivity, and more.
  • Performance optimization: Accessing the hidden menu allows users to delve into advanced features that can optimize the performance of their electric bike. They can tweak parameters such as motor power, acceleration curve, and even fine-tune regenerative braking settings. These enhancements can greatly improve the overall performance and efficiency of the Radrover 6 Plus.
  • Unlocking additional features: The hidden menu also grants access to hidden or additional features not readily available in the standard menu. This could include options like unlocking a higher top speed limit, activating a “turbo” mode for more power, or enabling a diagnostic tool to monitor battery performance. These additional features offer riders a chance to truly elevate their Radrover 6 Plus experience.
  • Freedom to experiment: The hidden menu encourages users to explore and experiment with different settings, empowering them to find their perfect riding configuration. By trying out various combinations, riders can fine-tune their electric bike to match their unique riding style, preferences, and terrain conditions. This freedom to experiment adds an element of excitement and personalization to the Radrover 6 Plus journey. 

The Radrover 6 Plus hidden menu provides riders with a range of customization options, performance optimizations, and access to additional features. By accessing this secret menu, users can unlock the full potential of their electric bike, tailoring it to their specific needs and preferences. 

With the ability to fine-tune settings and experiment with different configurations, riders can truly enhance their Radrover 6 Plus experience to make every ride an exhilarating and personalized adventure. 

Discovering The Hidden Menu 

Uncover the Radrover 6 Plus Hidden Menu and unlock a world of possibilities. Access exclusive features and enhance your riding experience with this hidden gem. Elevate your adventure with the hidden menu on the Radrover 6 Plus.  

Steps To Accessing The Hidden Menu On The RadRover 6 Plus:

  • Turn on your Radrover 6 Plus electric bike and make sure it is in the “On” mode.
  • Press and hold the “Power” button located on the control panel for approximately 5 seconds.
  • This will activate the hidden menu mode and display a secret screen with additional settings.
  • Once the hidden menu appears, release the “Power” button.
  • You will now have access to a range of exciting options that can enhance your riding experience.

Exploring The Various Options Available Within The Hidden Menu:

Now that you have successfully accessed the hidden menu on your Radrover 6 Plus, let’s take a closer look at the different settings and options you can explore:

Speed Limit Adjustment:

Change how fast your bike can go to fit what you like and where you’re riding. Make it go faster or slower based on what you want.

Assist Levels Customization:

Tailor the assist levels to your liking by adjusting the power output provided by the electric motor. Fine-tune the assist levels based on your fitness level and terrain.

Battery Management:

Access advanced battery management options to monitor the health and performance of your battery. Keep track of vital information such as voltage, temperature, and remaining capacity.

LCD Display Settings:

Customize the display settings on your Radrover 6 Plus. Choose from different screen layouts, adjust brightness, and configure what information you want to be displayed.

Error Code Diagnostics:

Get valuable insights into any error codes or issues that may arise during your rides. Troubleshoot problems easily and have a better understanding of your bike’s performance.

Maintenance Reminders:

Set reminders for regular maintenance tasks such as tire pressure checks, chain lubrication, and general inspections. Stay on top of your bike’s upkeep for optimal performance and longevity. 

By exploring and utilizing the hidden menu options on your Radrover 6 Plus electric bike, you can truly personalize your riding experience and make the most out of this exceptional machine. 

Remember to always refer to the bike’s manual for detailed instructions on accessing and using the hidden menu. Enjoy unlocking the full potential of your Radrover 6 Plus!

Utilizing Advanced Features 

Unlock the full potential of your Radrover 6 Plus e-bike with its hidden menu, offering advanced features for a customizable riding experience. Optimize your riding preferences and explore new functionalities with ease.

If you’re the proud owner of a Radrover 6 Plus electric bike, you may already be enjoying the thrill of its robust performance. But did you know that there are hidden features within the Radrover 6 Plus that can enhance your riding experience even further? 

In this section, we’ll explore how you can unlock additional power modes for increased performance and adjust motor settings to customize your ride. Let’s dive in!

 Unlocking Additional Power Modes For Increased Performance: 

  • Turbo Mode: This power mode is perfect for those thrilling off-road adventures, providing maximum assistance from the motor to conquer steep inclines and tackle tough terrain.
  • Eco Mode: If you prefer a more relaxed and energy-efficient ride, Eco Mode is the way to go. It offers moderate assistance from the motor, maximizing your battery life for longer excursions.
  • Standard Mode: Designed for a balance between performance and efficiency, Standard Mode provides a comfortable riding experience with a balanced level of motor assistance.
  • Off Mode: In certain situations, you may want to fully rely on your own pedaling power. Off Mode disables the motor entirely, allowing you to ride without any assistance if desired.

Adjusting Motor Settings For A Customized Riding Experience: 

  • Pedal Assist Level: The Radrover 6 Plus offers multiple pedal-assist levels, allowing you to choose the amount of motor assistance you prefer. Adjusting the level can cater to your preferred level of exertion and riding conditions.
  • Torque Sensor Sensitivity: Fine-tune the sensitivity of the torque sensor to match your pedaling style and desired level of control. Increasing the sensitivity provides quicker motor response, while decreasing it offers a smoother and more gradual acceleration.
  • Speed Limit: Customize the maximum speed of your Radrover 6 Plus by adjusting the speed limit setting. This feature allows you to comply with local regulations or control your riding experience by limiting the top speed.
  • Walk Mode: When you need to navigate through crowded spaces or push your bike uphill, activate Walk Mode for effortless walking assistance. The motor will engage at a low speed, making maneuvering your bike a breeze.

By utilizing these advanced features, you can truly unlock the full potential of your Radrover 6 Plus electric bike. Whether you’re seeking an adrenaline-fueled off-road adventure or a smooth and energy-efficient ride, the hidden menu’s power modes and motor settings give you the flexibility to tailor your biking experience to your exact preferences. 

So go ahead, explore the hidden menu, and elevate your ride to new heights of excitement and customization!

Enhancing Safety And Convenience 

Introducing the Radrover 6 Plus Hidden Menu, a game-changer for enhancing safety and convenience. Discover a world of hidden features that take your ride to the next level, all at your fingertips.

The RadRover 6 Plus is an exceptional electric bike that not only offers an exhilarating ride but also comes equipped with a hidden menu of features that enhance safety and convenience. In this section, we will explore two of these exciting features: enabling walk mode for easier maneuverability and activating headlights and taillights for improved visibility. 

Enabling Walk Mode For Easier Maneuverability

The RadRover 6 Plus allows you to activate the walk mode, which can be incredibly helpful in certain situations. Here’s how E-Bikes Make Riding Better:

Walking Mode: Just press a button and your bike goes into walk mode. This helps you walk with your bike without any trouble. It’s super handy in crowded places or on steep hills.

Easy to Move: When in walk mode, your bike goes slowly and smoothly. This helps you move it around easily and stay steady.

Handy Everywhere: Whether you’re going up stairs or through a busy area, walk mode makes it simple. You save energy and don’t need to work hard.

Activating Headlights And Taillights For Improved Visibility

Safety on the road is of paramount importance, and the RadRover 6 Plus offers exceptional visibility with its headlights and taillights. Here’s why activating them is crucial:

See and Be Seen: The RadRover 6 Plus e-bike helps you stay safe and visible. Bright LED lights at the front and back make it easier for others to spot, whether they’re walking, driving, or biking. 

Stay Safer: When you turn on these lights, you lower the chance of accidents. This means that everyone can notice you well, and you’re safer on the road.

Easy to Use: The RadRover 6 Plus e-bike has buttons that are simple to understand. You can turn on the front and back lights without any trouble. This makes your ride more convenient and gives you a calm feeling.

The hidden menu of the RadRover 6 Plus offers features that prioritize your safety and convenience. Enabling walk mode enhances maneuverability in challenging situations, while activating the headlights and taillights greatly improves visibility on the road. With these enhancements, your riding experience becomes even more enjoyable and secure. 

So, get ready to take on any adventure with confidence, knowing that the RadRover 6 Plus has got you covered. 

Troubleshooting And Diagnostics 

Radrover 6 Plus Hidden Menu allows for troubleshooting and diagnostics, providing a straightforward approach to resolving any issues. The menu offers various options and settings to analyze and address problems, ensuring a seamless experience for users. 

Using the hidden menu for diagnosing system issues: 

The Radrover 6 Plus comes equipped with a hidden menu that can be incredibly useful when it comes to troubleshooting and diagnosing system issues. 

 Here’s how you can make the most of this feature: 

  • To access the hidden menu, start by powering off your Radrover 6 Plus. Ensure that both the battery and motor are turned off.
  • Hold down the + and – buttons on the handlebar control pad simultaneously.
  • While continuing to hold the buttons down, press and hold the power button.
  • Keep holding all three buttons until the hidden menu appears on the display. You can now release the buttons.

Understanding error codes and their meanings: 

When it comes to troubleshooting your Radrover 6 Plus, error codes can provide valuable information about what’s going wrong. Here are some common error codes and their meanings:

  • E01: This code indicates a communication error between the display and the controller. Try disconnecting and reconnecting the cables to ensure a proper connection.
  • E02: Battery voltage is too low. Charge your battery and try again.
  • E03: Motor phase failure. This suggests an issue with the motor. Contact customer support for assistance.
  • E04: Throttle error. Check the throttle connection and make sure it’s functioning correctly.
  • E05: Brake sensor error. Ensure that the brake levers are functioning properly and that the sensor is adjusted correctly.

By using the hidden menu for diagnostics and understanding error codes, you can troubleshoot and resolve system issues with your Radrover 6 Plus more efficiently. Remember to refer to the Radrover 6 Plus user manual for additional guidance and support. 

Tips And Tricks For Maximizing Your E-Bike Experience 

Discover the ultimate ride with hidden menu features on the Radrover 6 Plus. But why settle for an ordinary ride when you can unlock the full potential of your e-bike through the hidden menu? 

RadRover 6 Plus Hidden

Recommendations On Maximizing Battery Life:

  • Optimize your power mode: Selecting the appropriate power mode can significantly impact your battery life. Utilize the Eco mode for longer rides or when you need to conserve battery power. On the other hand, engage the Power mode for more challenging terrains or when you need an extra boost of speed.
  • Mind your pedal-assist levels: Experiment with different pedal-assist levels to find the sweet spot that balances your pedaling effort and battery consumption. Adjusting the level based on the terrain and your fitness level can help prolong your e-bike’s battery life.
  • Maintain a consistent speed: Avoid sudden bursts of acceleration or overly aggressive riding. Maintaining a consistent speed allows your e-bike to operate more efficiently and conserve battery power.
  • Keep your tires properly inflated: Proper tire pressure not only enhances your riding comfort but also contributes to better battery efficiency. Check your tire pressure regularly and inflate them to the recommended PSI to maximize battery savings.
  • Ride with a lighter load: Minimize the weight you carry on your e-bike to maximize its battery life. Remove any unnecessary accessories or equipment that may add unnecessary strain on your motor and battery. 

Unlocking More Features Using the Secret Menu:

Accessing the hidden menu: To find the hidden menu on your Radrover 6 Plus e-bike, follow these steps:

(1) Turn off your bike,

(2) Hold down the UP and DOWN buttons at the same time,

(3) While still holding the buttons, turn your e-bike on. Now, you can use the hidden menu.

Changing the top speed limit: Inside the hidden menu, you can change how fast your e-bike can go. You can make it go faster or slower, but always follow local rules and ride safely.

Adjusting pedal-assist sensitivity: With the hidden menu, you can make the pedal-assist feel just right for how you ride. This way, your e-bike fits you better and feels more natural.

Turning on Walk mode: In the hidden menu, you can turn on Walk mode. It helps when you’re walking your Radrover 6 Plus up a hill or over bumpy ground. This mode gives a small push to make it easier.

Checking bike health: Using the hidden menu, you can also check important things like how much power the battery has and how hot it is. Knowing these things helps you keep your e-bike working well.

By using these tips and the secret menu, you can make the most of your Radrover 6 Plus e-bike. Always ride safely, try new paths, and enjoy the exciting ride!

Frequently Asked Questions For RadRover 6 Plus Hidden Menu 

How Can I Speed Up My RadRover 6 Plus? 

To speed up your RadRover 6 Plus, you can consider several options. Firstly, upgrading the motor controller can enhance the speed and performance of your e-bike. Secondly, installing a higher voltage battery can increase the power output and allow for faster speeds. 

Moreover, upgrading the tires to ones with less rolling resistance can improve the efficiency and speed of your bike. Finally, adjusting the tire pressure to the recommended levels helps optimize performance. Remember to always adhere to local laws and regulations regarding speed limits and e-bike usage. 

How To Hack A Rad Power Bike Faster?

To hack a Rad Power Bike and increase its speed, you can follow these steps: 

  • Ensure that you have the necessary tools and basic bike maintenance knowledge. 
  • Check the bike’s firmware version and ensure it’s updated. 
  • Use a programming cable and software to connect to the bike’s controller. 
  • Adjust the PAS (Pedal Assist System) settings to a higher level for better acceleration. 
  • Increase the current limit in the controller settings to provide more power to the motor. 
  • Replace the bike’s stock controller with a high-performance one.
  • Upgrade the battery to a higher voltage or capacity to improve speed and range.
  • Replace the stock motor with a more powerful one if necessary. 
  • It’s essential to note that modifying an electric bike may affect its warranty and legal compliance. 

Ride responsibly and within legal speed limits. By following these steps, you can hack a Rad Power Bike to achieve faster speeds. Remember to prioritize safety and stay within legal boundaries. 

How Fast Can A RadRover 6 Plus Go? 

The RadRover 6 Plus can reach speeds of up to 20 mph. 

What Is Code 21 On RadRover 6 Plus? 

Code 21 on a RadRover 6 Plus indicates a throttle-related issue. Check throttle connection and wiring for any loose or damaged components. Make sure the throttle is properly connected. If the problem persists, contact Rad Power Bikes customer support for assistance.

Troubleshooting and repair should only be performed by authorized technicians to avoid voiding the warranty.


In this blog post, we have explored the hidden menu of the Radrover 6 Plus and discovered its exciting features. By accessing this secret menu, users can unlock additional functionalities and customize their e-bike experience. From adjusting power levels and fine-tuning pedal assist to accessing diagnostic information, the hidden menu offers a world of possibilities for Radrover 6 Plus owners. 

With its user-friendly interface and easy navigation, accessing the hidden menu is a breeze. Whether you are a seasoned e-bike enthusiast or a beginner, this hidden menu can enhance your riding experience and provide a personalized touch to your Radrover 6 Plus. 

So don’t hesitate to explore this secret treasure trove and maximize the potential of your e-bike. Get ready to take your Radrover 6 Plus on a whole new level of adventure!

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