How to Start Electric Bike Without Key?- [Quick Answer]

How to Start Electric Bike Without Key

An electric bike is a convenient vehicle that you can use when you want to enjoy your ride. It allows you to move easily and quickly, so there is nothing to stop you from enjoying the moment. If you have some worries about forgetting the key to your electric bicycle, don’t worry. Many ways will help you start it without needing a “key.” This post will show you how to start an electric bike without key or starting button.

Ways to Start an E-Bike Without a Key

If you’ve ever forgotten your bike’s key and had to call a locksmith, you know how pricey that can be. And if you’re one of the many people who never want to be reliant on that single point of failure again, we have some ideas for how to start an e-bike without a key!

1. Connect the Wires manually: This is probably the easiest way if the wires are accessible. Access should not be too hard with this method since all you need is a wire crimping tool or standard pliers to strip the ends of two wires and connect them as long as they touch each other. Turn the pedal backward to reach the front-rear wires. Then proceed as though you were starting the e-bike with a key.

2. By Removing the Battery: When this method fails, there are two options left. You can either use a screwdriver to remove the battery or screw it in so tight that it cannot be removed. It is recommended to use extreme care when removing batteries, as they are heavy and could cause injury if not handled properly. If the battery is too close to other metal objects with high-frequency vibrations, e-bikes can develop sparking problems that could damage the bike and the rider.

3. Force the ignition: You need to find a way to force the ignition to turn on and then start the battery. There are many ways to force the ignition, such as a shim, screwdriver, bump, or plastic pen.

               a. Using a Shim: This method can work well if the bike’s wires are exposed through the side of the frame and if you have room to prop up the bike’s front end on a shield or something similar to expose the actual battery. If there is not a lot of space for this, you may have to remove some of the spokes from your wheels to allow enough room for this. You’ll want to ensure that no metal parts touch each other when you remove your wheel, as this will cause sparks that could damage your bike or rider.

              b. Applying a Screwdriver: If a screwdriver is too unwieldy, a metal shim or flat piece of nonconductive material can do the trick. You’ll want to wedge this between your bike and the frame to access the battery connector easily.

               c. Applying a Bump Key: A bump key is another option for an e-bike that uses a key. The idea here is to attach keys (bump keys) to the wires to connect them and start your e-bike. These bump keys have sections of wire that can be placed between the wheels’ wires and frame to allow them to touch each other. This method isn’t exactly tough, but it takes a little skill because you’ll need to test out your e-bike’s battery connection before you go riding.

               d. Applying a Plastic Pen: If none of these options work for you, there is always the plastic pen! You can place a rubber band around the first pedal, wrap it around the wire connecting them, and then use the cap from a plastic pen as a cover. Make sure that no metal parts touch each other to avoid sparking problems like those mentioned above.

Another way will be turning the battery on is the first step to starting an e-bike without a key. If your bike has a remote control, make sure that your remote is also within reach. You can open the battery cover and either push the “on” button or if you have a smart charger and an app connected, you can turn it on from there. Next, hold down both left and right levers for five seconds to engage the gears before pressing any other buttons. Once you’ve done so, the bike is on and ready to pedal.

Next, open your phone’s app and connect it to your bike’s battery. This is done by holding the “on” button for about a minute or so until it says “connecting.” You don’t need to do this step every time you ride your e-bike. Instead, if you enable Bluetooth on your phone before riding, the battery will automatically connect whenever you start pedaling over a certain distance (usually 20 miles in one hour).

Finally, you can fine-tune your e-bike’s settings to give it the best performance possible. For instance, it can act as a throttle by pushing the right lever and leaving your left finger on the brake. You can also use the app to set certain modes and modes that you enjoy using. These settings are set in the “My Bike” tab on the app. That way, you can be assured that the bike will run exactly how you want it to.

Is it Ok to start an electric bike without key?

The first thing to note is that this will depend on whether you have bought the bike new or second-hand. The answer will also vary depending on what kind of electric bike you have- not all bikes are the same, so some may require a key to get started, and others may not.

The second thing to note is that certain electric bikes have removable key fobs (or, in some cases, a cable), which allow you to start the bike without the key. You can also use this on some electric bikes that aren’t ‘self-starting’ either.

electric bike

Thirdly, if you’ve bought your bike from a reputable e-bike retailer, they should be able to have it serviced. If you buy your bike second-hand, then it could become problematic. If you don’t want to get the key code from the person who sold it to you, I recommend looking at self-removing keys. This is where a key fob comes with certain e-bike kits and will allow you to start the bike without even needing a key. This is a popular method used by many e-bike retailers and manufacturers.

Lastly, a key might be your only option for starting the bike if you’re in the UK. This is because of a government law that was passed in January 2014. It has been ruled that it’s an offense not to have a key with you when riding an electric bike that isn’t ‘self-starting.’ The law was put in place to ensure that you can get help if something goes wrong with your bike etc.

If you have an e-bike and want to start it without the key, there are some things you should be mindful of.

  1. Does the battery drain when I don’t insert the key? 

An electric bike is a form of transportation that uses batteries and motors for propulsion but does not include traditional gasoline or diesel fuel in its system. Before riding your bike on public streets, wait until you know how long your battery will last before dismounting from it—the average range is between 50-100 miles depending on speed and power settings. Then, please err on caution and start your bike properly.

If you are unsure of your car’s key requirement before starting an electric bike, please ask your local or state government representative or representative for a ride—the representative is usually there to help ensure safety on public streets.

  1. Has the battery drained if you start the bike but do not use it?

It should have. If this has not happened, your battery is too weak for a given range and speed. We recommend a replacement for your e-bike to extend its overall lifespan.

  1. When starting an electric bike without a key, does the fuel tank/engine fire?

Almost all e-bikes come pre-charged by default; others require driving at least 10 miles before starting to charge. If you have started and then stopped your bike, you have either drained the battery or failed to charge it sufficiently if it was an R3 (3 amp) charger—the most common type among electric bikes. The battery is delicate and does not hold up to heat or vibration. You can extend your battery’s life by charging it outside the bike in a cool, dry place.

Please don’t leave the battery inside your bike; it will be susceptible to temperature changes while you are driving or charging, which will drain its energy much faster than normal.

If you have started your motor or motorbike, but have stopped again, another reason for failure could be a problem with the ignition switch. A broken igniter will prevent the engine from starting—typically, this part needs replacement before an e-bike can run again.

A second possibility is a problem with the fuel system. A clogged fuel filter will prevent the engine from starting—typically, this part needs replacement before an e-bike can run again.

If you have tried to start your bike, but have not been able to, then it is likely that your battery is too weak for a given range and speed. It has drained on its own and could be faulty. We recommend a replacement for your e-bike to extend its overall lifespan.

  1. Do I need to charge the battery immediately when starting an electric bike without a key?

No. After you have started your electric bike, keep riding it until the energy begins to drain, signaling that it is time to charge it. Don’t stop halfway through your journey or at the top of a hill; your battery can only hold its charge so long before needing another top-up.

  1. What happens if I start my electric bike without the key? 

If you successfully start your e-bike and ride for more than 10 miles, you are on a public street and responsible for following local traffic laws. As a driver, please remember to obey all signs and signals for safety purposes.

If you have tried to start your bike, but have not been able to, then it is likely that your battery is too weak for a given range and speed. It has drained on its own and could be faulty. We recommend a replacement for your e-bike to extend its overall lifespan.

  1. Is it Ok to store an electric bike without using the key?

It’s not standard practice for storing or storing away an electric bike; however, if you can prove that in the event of theft or loss, please do so! However, when you store your e-bike without the key, understand that there are still some safety precautions you must take.

Firstly, you should never store your e-bike in an enclosed space with the door shut. The only time this may be tolerated is if you have stored your vehicle on the same level and can prove that the vehicle’s contents are safe from damage and theft.

If you have a garage and wish to store your bike without using the key, it is a good idea to lock it securely to its side rails with a cable lock. This will prevent it from being carried off while being stored away and ensure that no one can get into it if they try to break into your house/garage through a window or door.

So, it’s not a straightforward question to be answered with yes or no. It depends on the above factors. Still, we don’t recommend starting the electric bike without a key unless you are bound to.

How to avoid starting an electric bike without a key?

You already get detailed information about how to start an electric bike without a key. But this should not be a common practice. You also need to know how to avoid starting a bike without a key.

1. Registrations & records

Register your bike with the local authority and keep a copy of your registration document and a spare key. The registration documents will be necessary if you lose your key or forget to lock it up properly; this way, it can be re-registered under your name and ownership.

2. Never lost the key

A key is designed to be lost most of the time, so I suggest always locking it up before leaving the bike or placing it in a place that prevents it from being stolen. If you earn money through your bike, you can buy a bike lock to use, preventing your bike from being stolen.

3. Keep the lock clean

Keep the inside of your electric bicycle’s lock clean and free of dirt, dust, and hair, as it attracts weeds, metal objects, etc.

4. Ensure safety

Always keep a spare key at home, or keep the lock clean and in a safe place away from where you spend your day. If you are renting out your bike or using it for business purposes, then a safe, fixed lock can be made so it will not be stolen. You can also use locks like the Brose, which is easy to use and has unique key management.


This article discussed how to start electric bikes without keys or starters. The first step is to turn on the ignition switch and then turn it off until you hear the engine start-up. Make sure the vehicle is in the right gear to begin riding. After you have started your electric bike, don’t forget to turn off the engine after you are finished riding. One more important thing to remember is to watch out for the red light at the bottom of the battery gauge when you go over hills. This means the vehicle is overheating, so it’s important to take a break and give time for it to cool down. You may also want to check for possible repairs as often as you ride. If there is a problem with your electric bike, don’t hesitate to contact an authorized shop near you that has experience in repairing electric bikes.

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